Wedding blanket 165/116cm

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Also know as handira these traditional blankets are handwoven in Morocco. Known for being made out of natural fibres such as wool, linen and cotton these blankets are originally made by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains of Northern Morocco. This blanket is made out of cotton with sequins and beads all handwoven into the fabric. Traditionally these blankets would be made for a wedding by the bride's female relatives, it is thought that throughout the process of hand weaving it the blanket will contain blessings for the newlyweds. Typically this piece is worn after the wedding ceremony by the bride around her neck like a cape, however through their popularity these pieces are now known to adorn the homes of many. This blanket is a neutral white which will stand out in any room and add a touch of glamour and finesse, perfect as a throw in a couch or a bed.

Blanket measures 165x116cm

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